Our Privacy Policy

Without jeopardizing your privacy, we ensure to provide you with the best services. Our privacy policy will inform you how we shield and protect your privacy while collecting some information about you. We request you thoroughly read our privacy policy to gain complete knowledge of it.

What Type Of Information Do We Collect?

Whenever you visit our website we would be collecting some of the information related to you like --

  • Name
  • Location
  • Contact info such as email and phone number.
  • Other information that we collect through customer surveys.
  • We would also be collecting some non-personal information of yours such as cookies and system information.

Why Do We Collect This Data?

We collect your information for the following reasons -

  • To provide you with better services.
  • We also analyze the data to ensure that we follow the best trends and provide you with the best solutions possible.
  • To keep in touch with you and provide you with better information in the future.
  • At last, we use the data to keep the website organized and make it easy for you to navigate easily.

We Make Sure That Your Data Is Safe With Us

All your data is stored in secure servers and no third party can access your information without proper authorization. However, the information that you share with us is not fully secure and thus we don’t guarantee you. All the information provided by you is from your own consent, Although, as stated above we will ensure that all your data is safe and secure by following the best practices.

Note : We don’t sell, purchase, or rent any personal information from third-party nor do we save your payment information such as credit card details, bank details, and so on.

How We Use Cookies?

A cookie is a simple file that collects information about your preferences and helps us create a user-friendly website. We use cookies to know how a person browses our website and what major information they are looking for.

Third-Party Links

All the third-party links on our websites are safe, however, we don’t guarantee you how they would be performing on other’s websites. We suggest you read their privacy policies as well. All the users that use or visit our website have to comply with our privacy policies. We keep on updating our privacy policies thus we request you to check them regularly. Every time there is a change in our privacy policy we would be adding the date of the last change made.

Contact Us

If you have any doubts regarding our privacy policies, you can connect with us on success@happiest.team

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