Freelance Digital Marketing Career: Know Everything Here!

Freelance digital marketing career

Freelance digital marketing is a strategy used to promote a company and its goods and services online by a professional who does not work for any commercial organization but instead works on their own. For a company organization, they can successfully develop a digital marketing strategy and put it into practice to grow a brand in the digital sphere.

Freelance digital marketers are people with a wide range of talents, including designing and developing websites, coming up with content strategies, using paid advertising techniques, SEO, and much more. Due to the recent exponential expansion of digital marketing, companies are now seeking employees with specialized talents in order to benefit from the online market.

A digital environment offers countless opportunities. Today’s technology breakthroughs have greatly increased the importance of digital marketing. As a result, there is a greater need for skilled digital marketers than there are available. You can see how in-demand a digital marketer is today by visiting any employment portal.

Why Choose Freelance Positions in Digital Marketing?

People are constantly searching for better, more recent options. The gratification of working when it’s convenient for you is what counts most to people nowadays. In the past 15 years, there has been a significant change in the work market. Professionals have discovered their potential as new opportunities have emerged.

Nowadays, people desire to go it alone. Enough with the routine and following directions. Today, a growing number of people are trying to break into the digital industry and employment associated to it.

The explanation is that digital marketing is an exciting, dynamic sector with lots of room for success and freedom., one of the most well-known job portals in India, has 19000+ freelance digital marketing jobs for marketers in India as of December 2019

Where Can I Find Digital Marketing Information?

To help you learn and improve your skills, a lot of reputable institutions offer specialist courses in digital marketing.

Additionally, there are a ton of study resources about digital marketing on the internet. They take the shape of in-depth podcasts, slideshows, Ebooks, white papers, and other types of content. You may definitely become an expert in the field of digital marketing if you have the drive and desire to learn.

Anyone from any academic discipline can succeed as a digital marketer. The only thing you really need to understand this specific profession and advance with new modifications is persistence. Additionally, it is to their advantage if they have a propensity for spotting trends and acting accordingly.

When it comes to freelancing digital marketing, they have their fair share of benefits and drawbacks. Let’s examine both of these elements so you can assess whether this position is a suitable fit for you


  • You can choose to work from home, a coffee shop, or another country. There are no restrictions based on location. Consider the opportunities available to you if your 9–5 job kept you bound to an office chair. The finest aspect is that you can show off your best creativity!
  • You have the choice of what work you choose to perform. You also have the freedom to decide who you wish to collaborate with.
  • You do not report to a superior. Yes, you must answer to your customers, but it is part of your job. You don’t have to answer to anyone else besides the individuals you deal with directly.
  • As a self-employed professional, you are allowed to set your own fees without consulting anybody else.
  • The world of digital marketing is in and of itself very fascinating and intriguing. Additionally, there are so many different positions and job openings that there is no risk of growing bored at work. Content creation, copywriting, search engine optimization, and social media planning. Therefore, as you can see, digital marketing cannot become boring.
  • You are free to choose your own hours and work whenever you like. You are entirely responsible for it. You are allowed to work whenever you choose as long as you complete your work by the deadlines. Bring value to the table; don’t worry about your timetable.
  • We now understand the benefits of working as a freelance digital marketer. Let’s examine the difficulties and/or drawbacks that independent digital marketers encounter.
  • Unstable Income — Freelancing does not come with a job guarantee. There is therefore no reliable source of money that you can count on to arrive each month. Additionally, the remuneration varies depending on the projects you take on. You might make three lakhs the first month, but the following month you might only make $50,000 or less. When it comes to profits, there is no steadiness.
  • Getting customers to invest in you can be difficult when you’re first starting out. To establish your credentials in the industry, you sometimes even have to labor for nothing or for very little pay. Also, when you first start out, you won’t have many high paying clients. So keep in mind that the first few months will be a rough journey.
  • Everyone wants to win the top spot for a project, so there is fierce rivalry in the field. Additionally, you are in charge of overseeing each and every task involved in developing a strategy for your client. You are both an executive in customer assistance and the manager of digital marketing. There are hurdles involved with playing so many characters.
  • You don’t receive the same advantages and packages that employees of businesses receive, such as insurance, health benefits, and other perks.

Any digital marketer, whether they work for a corporation or are independent, is familiar with all its components. Additionally, they need to be knowledgeable about several of its components in-depth. Specifically, the positions that they can apply for with certainty and confidence.

Content marketing specialist, expert, or strategist

The success of any brand rests on its content. The type of content a website distributes to its users and clients has a significant impact on the identity of that website. Writers who specialize in content marketing often create high-caliber, enlightening information for readers.

They are fresh, original ways to communicate with clients of the company through organic material. The two most important facets of content strategy are education and information.

Blogs, White Papers, Ebooks, Newsletters, Email copy, Case Studies, Social Media posts, etc. are often the work of a content marketing specialist. Content aids in a website’s SEO.

You may very well rank on the first page of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) with insightful, value-driven content. A content specialist makes sure that Google’s algorithms pick up your work and place it on the first pages of SERP for greater visibility and reach.

Text, infographics, videos, photos, or a visually appealing synthesis of all these elements can all be used as content. Any company’ pillar and the basis for a thriving brand is content. It is an extremely lucrative career choice with lots of room for advancement.

 SEO Professional

An SEO expert makes sure that a company completes all the steps necessary to create a successful website. They are experts in website optimization and have a thorough understanding of the intricate ranking algorithms used by various search engines.

Testing websites and building websites that rank well on SERP pages are the duties of an SEO specialist. It calls for measuring website speed, analyzing trends, and enhancing the website’s overall reach. To appear on the search engine results page, a website must adhere to a set of standards and regulations.

A SEO expert stays current on all such regulations and applies their knowledge to their clients’ brands and products. A professional must demonstrate competency in keyword planning, keyword insertion bin text, HTML, CSS, blogging, and website building in order to work as a freelance digital marketer with an emphasis on SEO.

 An expert in search engine marketing

Some organizations, especially start-ups, find the idea of managing paid advertisements to be occasionally daunting. Many businesses are looking for a digital marketer who can oversee the paid advertising component of their digital marketing strategy.

To become an all-around expert in digital marketing, a digital marketer must study the ins and outs of paid marketing strategies (Google AdWords, Adsense). You must use your knowledge in real-world experiments at every stage of the digital learning process in order to build expertise.

You won’t be able to use that knowledge to your client’s benefit until then. They set out to operate in this industry after thoroughly studying this subject of digital marketing. Even for newcomers to this field, the paid advertising industry may seem confusing. You therefore need as much practice as you can.

To optimize a website for the business, search engine marketers need to have an understanding of analytics and the ability to evaluate data. To understand data analytics, a variety of courses are offered. Professional SEM marketers conduct an analysis of trends, patterns, and website traffic before developing a paid advertising campaign that is tailored to the needs of the company.

Manager of Social Media

All facets of social media are managed by a social media manager. A freelance social media manager handles everything, including planning a social media campaign around the business and handling social media marketing.

In addition, they are in charge of creating KPIs, target consumer identification, customer mirroring, if applicable, and maintaining the brand’s strong social media presence.

It might be challenging for businesses to fully understand social media ads and display advertising (Facebook ads, Instagram sponsored ads, banner ads, native ads on social media, etc.). When that happens, social media experts can help.

A professional must be knowledgeable in email marketing, community management, crisis management, and managing public relations for the company to be successful in a freelance digital marketing position.

They must be skilled communicators who participate in online forums. They should also be active on LinkedIn and post pertinent, high-quality content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

The more successful they are at maximizing reach, the more people learn about the brand and its benefits.

What Is The Best Way To Begin Freelance Digital Marketing?

Getting as much knowledge as you can about the various digital marketing modules is the first step. If you are still unclear about the aspects and how to use them practically, enroll in a course.

For independent digital marketers, especially those who wish to launch their own careers in the field, a training in the subject can be quite beneficial.

Create your own website and practice using all of its modules and submodules after that. Recognize and download the necessary plug-ins. Experiment with the layout, color scheme, content, and email marketing plug-in.

Determine your strength points once you have a better understanding of the various components. Which discipline do you excel in?

If you have the ability to create engaging stories with words, you should consider copywriting and content writing. You can start with website planning and design for clients if you have a strong sense of design and structure.

Examine These Actions

Never lose sight of the one important thing, no matter what you are good at or have a natural knack for in this sector. To succeed in digital marketing, you must regularly update your skill sets to meet the requirements of the quick-paced internet industry.

To attract customers, digital marketers must design and carry out a comprehensive marketing strategy. Additionally, they must ensure that the brand successfully maintains client happiness and loyalty.

Start constructing a job portfolio and a strong social media presence after creating a website that presents well. Since you are an independent contractor, you must take 

some initiative to identify networking opportunities. You can meet new people and use new resources by enrolling in a course.

If not, you can self-learn and be sure to be proficient. Make an attempt to create a social media network of like-minded individuals.

Read a lot of blog posts, white papers, case studies, and articles about digital marketing.

Make contact with marketing experts using various social media platforms. Find a mentor who can point you in the proper direction. When you register for classes, you do receive professional advise.

Make sure you consistently work, even if the pay is low, as this will provide you experience and may lead to positive recommendations. Make an effort to establish your reputation as a reliable independent marketer in the internet sphere.

Once you establish a good name for yourself, you will begin to attract high-paying clients, which will enable you to take on fewer jobs but higher-paying ones that are of higher quality.

To find contacts and clients, search job sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Truelancer, Fiverr, and People per Hour. On the other hand, you might hunt for chances to make cold pitches to businesses that require digital marketing strategists.

Your communication skills are among the qualities that will help you establish a reputation as a trustworthy and dependable freelance marketer.

You must project a kind, approachable demeanor. Today, a lot of digital marketers produce videos on YouTube that offer advice and strategies for effective online promotion. Use high-quality sound and editing tools to give it a professional appearance.

Don’t attempt to be something you’re not too hard. Extroverts are a rare breed of person. Nothing is wrong with that. Whatever you do to promote your abilities and identity in the online realm, make sure it comes off as genuine.

Yes, you will need marketing expertise to survive in this highly competitive industry, but what will really help you succeed is your creativity and commitment to your work.

Talk to other independent digital marketers to get a sense of what sort of compensation you should be seeking. Websites like Indeed and Glassdoor can help you estimate wages. Decide how many hours you are willing to put into a project, then figure out how much. Other than that, fixed payment projects are advertised on numerous websites.

That is a better way to guarantee that the money will be in your bank account after your work is over. Sometimes commissions function like affiliates. You receive payment when you bring in a specific quantity of customers.

Visit blogs and tutorials for independent digital marketers, and you’ll notice that almost all of them suggest using particular tools to keep your work efficient and productive. Making tools may help you reach optimum productivity because you must remain self-motivated throughout the year and, essentially, the rest of your career. 

Some of the apps that will enable you to do your task efficiently include Google Sheets, Slack, Trello, Canva, Buffer, Getresponse, Constant Contact, Calendly, Feedly, Pixabay, and Pexels (Free stock pictures).

Let’s Examine The Different Tasks A Digital Marketer Must Complete For A Client.

On a daily basis, a freelance digital marketer has a challenging but exciting work. Just because the task is freelancing doesn’t mean it can be done quickly or without a sense of urgency. The work typically entails the following whenever a freelance digital marketer secures a customer that assigns them the whole digital marketing strategy:

determining the customer’s wants in great detail. You will attempt to build your brand in this instance. identifying the target audience and their digital location.

This means that you need to determine which marketing channel your target demographic uses the most. For instance, the target market primarily uses Facebook and is in the 25–40 age range. Copy will need to be written by a digital marketer in accordance with the facts and insights available.

Then they will move on to develop a marketing funnel that includes the entire marketing process of lead generation, awareness, and conversions.

A digital marketer is required to monitor and compile monthly reports on the brand’s development. The monthly statistics show the awareness level, website traffic, and conversions. Making appealing copy is a crucial component of a digital marketer’s job.

It might be an ebook, intriguing email copy, sales copy, or blog postings. They must also keep track of the development and match their approach to the available funds. Additionally, they must constantly communicate with corporate representatives and provide them with thorough updates on the situation.

Next, since social media scheduling is a powerful marketing medium for every organization, big or little, they must give it more attention. PPC campaigns are crucial to a business as well.

Faster conversions and more awareness are benefits. A freelance digital marketer must also create and maintain solid connections for various types of digital advertising. Podcasts, radio and television advertising, among other digital media, are excellent for building brand familiarity. Webcasts and webinars ought to be used actively in advertising strategies.

Therefore, it is important for digital marketers to exploit these channels to boost brand recognition. The standard of the content that is to be distributed for public consumption must always be constant. Customers-to-be anticipate helpful content that will benefit them in some way.

Conversion rates are significantly higher when content informs and inspires. You can make it even better by adding some excellent CTAs. A digital marketer needs soft skills because they work with senior business authorities.

They must develop creative campaigns, such as an omnichannel strategy.

Give consideration to each and every channel to reap the greatest rewards. These digital marketers also choose viable affiliates and influencers to increase the company’s exposure and overall success.

Remember that you can always get in touch with other independent digital specialists if you ever feel like the work needs more assistance. Make sure the disclaimer is included in your client’s contract. A digital marketer must manage the complex digital marketing strategy in this way.


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